Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is a process of removing dirt and stains to make the carpets look better and last longer. It is always recommended for you to hire a professional to clean your carpet, especially if you do not have any experience in cleaning it. Different types of carpets require different cleaning techniques, so in order for you not to damage it, you might require professional help.

Clean Once A Year

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned once a year should be enough.In general, there are two methods that are used by professionals to clean carpets: dry cleaning or wet cleaning. A lot of people wonder which method is the best for their carpet. The best way to decide is to get a professional opinion and also ask your friends and family about their experiences with quality carpet cleaning. In Cumming, GA there are a lot of carpet cleaning businesses including the KG Cleaning service, King’s Carpet Cleaning, Clean Carpet for Less, The Natural Choice and more. Most of these companies offer great deals and discounts.

Wet Cleaning Method


Recommended by a carpet cleaning Cumming GA company, wet cleaning method hot water extraction is the most common way to clean carpets. During this method, chemicals are used to pre-condition the carpet as the first step. The chemicals help in dissolving the stains. The wet cleaning method uses special equipment that sprays hot water. After the preconditioning, 10 to 15 minutes later the chemicals need to be extracted from the carpet with hot boiling water and that is how most of the dirt, stains, and bacteria are removed from the carpet. When it comes to difficult stains, this is the right method to be chosen. The wet cleaning carpet method provides a very deep clean and it is widely recommended by cleaning professionals. The problem with this method is that it requires a lot of time for the carpet to dry (sometimes even days) and that it is an expensive procedure. Another thing that might happen is that the stains will reappear.

The Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

The dry carpet cleaning method uses only a small amount of moisture during the procedure. This method offers six different types of procedures: dry compound, bonnet, shampoo, encapsulation, vacuum wash and dry foam carpet cleaning. The dry cleaning method also uses chemical solutions just like the wet one. If you need your carpets dry in a short amount of time this is the better method, because it only takes one to two hours for the carpets to be dry. Another thing that has a great importance in the process is the type and quality of detergent that is used for the cleaning. The dry cleaning techniques usually cost less than the hot water extraction method.

Hot Water Extraction Method

The hot water extraction is not recommended for wool carpets since they might shrink because of the heat. For wool carpets, only mild chemicals should be used in order not to damage the fibers. So that is why the dry cleaning methods are chosen for this type of carpets. On the other hand, the wet method is perfect for synthetic carpets.


Sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or other for entertainment. Sports and recreational activities could bring so many benefits in our daily lives since it could reduce calories content in our body and regain our stamina. It is believed that 90 percent of people practicing sports and recreational activities at least 3 times per week have less potential of getting obesity compared to people who lack of sports practice. Examples of sports are running, walking, gymnasium training and yoga.

Currently there are several running competitions that were held all round the world which is called as marathon. This running competition includes several distances such as 5km, 10km, half marathon (21km) and full marathon (42km). Marathon running usually sponsored and organized by few giants companies in focused places such as city or sports area. Since I was one of marathon runner since 2012, I would like to share few experiences about participated in marathon run for first time.

At first, I need to register for marathon run competition few months before since they need to set for my running kit and identify how many runners will participate. Running kit collection will be a few weeks before the running competition. Yes, at this stage, l start to pose on running shirts and getting so excited for the running.summer-running-kit-gear-patrol-lead-full I know I need to ensure my stamina is at optimal level and did some physical exercises to get used to harsh physical impact. I was registered for 21km running in which I think it is quite crazy since this is my very first time of running on long distance.

During the competition, I had applied creams on legs to avoid muscle cramps. All participants were invited to do warm up before running which was leaded by running instructor. We were provided with light foods such as bananas and energy bars since the time of running is early in the morning and none of us would have any breakfast at that time. We have been informed by organizations that water stations were provided at every 3km of our running route. During the running whistle is release, everyone seems to run at different pace. Some were fast and some were relaxed. I ran at slow pace for the first 3km since I do not want to get any muscle pain at further distance ahead. After 5km of running, I started to feel the muscle pain along my legs and my chest felt as if it’s going to burst. On the next 15km, I can’t feel my legs but I can control my constant pace at 8km/hour, which is good enough for me. I saw some people laid on the road and had muscle pain and cramps. For the 1km before reaching finish point, I tried to focus on my speed and control myself not to push too much. I avoided any injury since the reaching line is just in front of my eyes. Once I stood on finishing line, the tiredness, the pain all came together but I was released to finish the 21km running.


The real pain I could feel is one day after the marathon running. My muscle was in so much pain and I can’t barely climbing upstairs, walking and even lifting my legs. But the pain last only for three days and I can enjoy doing my physical activities after that.

Training For An Ultra Marathon

Training For An Ultra Marathon

Marathons are generally 26.2 miles. To some, the marathon represents the utmost operating challenge. However to others, particularly individuals exactly who have actually run a number of marathons, they merely aren’t challenging any longer. For these people, running ultra marathons is the response.

Ultra marathons are basically any type of running occasion that is longer compared to 26.2 miles. Other than that, the ranges can differ. There are several kinds of ultra marathon occasions. Right here is a listing of some of them:

oTimed events such as 1 Day runs.
oDistance oriented ultra marathons such as the dual marathon. Other preferred distances are 50 miles, 50 kilometres, 100 miles, and also 100 km.
oEvents that occur over the course of numerous days.
oChallenging occasions that occur on tracks and also various other surface areas. Some also occur on mountains or in really mountainous locations.

Pick Your Occasion

Because the meaning for an ultra marathon is pretty wide, the initial trait you will certainly have to do if you have an interest in running one is to select the occasion that intrigues you the most. Check out listings at your neighborhood showing off goods shop or look online. You will wish to choose an occasion that is far sufficient in the future to ensure that you could have ample time to train.

Some occasions, such as those that occur on paths, might offer other one-of-a-kind difficulties that would not be present in an ultra marathon that takes place on a surface area such as a track or the road. The occasion you pick will all depend on your total objectives.

Create a Training Strategy

Your following action to running an ultra marathon is to discover a training plan. Some ultra marathon occasions are so brand-new that an established training plan might not exist. If this holds true, you will need to create your personal. You can make use of a well established marathon training strategy as a base and simply build on it.

If it is an occasion that occurs on various terrain or throughout several days, you will need to locate an additional way to create the plan. Connect with other individuals who are registered to the event. Consult with a trainer or fitness instructor. Look for individuals that have run the occasion in the past. Look on the internet for details. The details you gather from the studio will help you create a training strategy.

Be Smart

Ultra marathons are definitely extreme. That is why it is essential to train clever. Offer yourself enough time. Don’t aim to do excessive initially. Make sure you allow on your own appropriate rests. Additionally, see to it you consume an appropriate diet regimen that will certainly have you taking in sufficient calories. If you educate clever, your ultra marathon occasion will certainly be a success.

NIke Shoe Review

One of the most important things about being a runner is having a good pair of running shoes. It doesn’t matter if you are a weekend jogger or a marathon runner like myself, the right shoes are very important to your overall health. There are a few things to look for when deciding when it’s time to get new

  1. How do you feel after a run in the shoes you are using? If your knees ache or your feet hurt, most likely you are not using the right kind of shoe with the support that you need.
  2. Do you have holes in your shoes? If your shoes have holes in them, it’s time for an upgrade.
  3. Are your insoles and bottoms of shoes worn and flat? If they are they will feel hard and uncomfortable when you where them for long. Definitely a sign that they need to be changed.

A few years ago I ended up with something called Plantar fasciitis. It was the most extreme pain I have ever felt. I would wake up in the morning with a sore foot for hours. I could hardly walk in the mornings until I stretched it out. Since then I have been very picky with my shoe choices. I recently picked up a new pair of the Nike Zoom all out Flyknits. I want to tell you all what I think about them. First off I think they have a really nice style to them.NIKELAB-AIR-ZOOM-ALL-OUT-FLYKNIT-2 Even though that’s the lease important thing technically I still like the idea that they are fashionable. I can run with them but also I can go out in them and still look good. When running with the shoes I felt they are really comfortable. They give great support for my arch which is great because of my past history of foot problems. They also have very good cushioning. These shoes are a combination of two different shoes. Unlike other attempts at a combo shoe, Nike has done this right. The shoe has a zoom air unit that runs almost the length of the shoe. Great for support and good for my knees. I would definitely recommend this shoe to anyone looking for a stylish upgrade and great performance from a shoe.

Get Started Running

I enjoy running in different events all year long. That’s one of the many perks of living in Hawaii. We have great weather all year round, perfect for runners. One type of race I really enjoy are marathon. Marathon are usually pretty long runs. They will definitely put all your training and willpower to the test. The next major marathon coming up is the Honolulu Marathon. Sunrise-with-LogoIt is a 26 mile long run here in Honolulu Hawaii. This marathon is one of the longest ones in the world and it takes place only once a year in December. Over time after entering so many races and placing fairly well, I was able to get some sponsors. If your a semi pro runner like myself you won’t get rich but it’s a great way to cover some of the expenses of buying shoes and entry fees. One of my sponsors this year is a local business called Carpet Cleaners Hawaii. Great guys that also enjoy some of the races that happen here. Anyway, it’s very safe to say that if you are a complete noob to running, it’s not a good idea to start at the top like that. My suggestion to you is to start with a 5K. What is a 5K you ask? It’s a long distance run of a distance of 5 kilometers. For those of you that don’t know it can sound harder and longer than it really is. 5K is actually just over three miles. Luckily for you there are many different ones that happen year round. Finding one is very simple. A quick Google search for “5K Hawaii” and you will find a list of all the upcoming events. Since many of them are geared for beginners to advanced runners they tend to be more of a fun gathering than a competition. Usually they will have a type of theme to get people and families interested. There are lots of benefits to starting with 5K races. For instance, many people competing tend to be on the same level. Meaning most of them don’t run very often and tend to be less competitive. Those folks are just there to have a good time. hfalls5K_logo_grandeAnother benefit because most of those people are there to have fun is it’s very easy to make new friends. Over the years I have met and kept many good friends I met at races. The best part of running a 5K is that they are easy. Completing one can be a challenge but it is not impossible. When you run your first race and finish it you get this great feeling of accomplishment and pride in what you just did. That’s great because you should! Your mood is elevated and your health will improve. Trust me your a better person for doing it. Before you start make sure you have a good pair of running shoes that you have broken in some time before. Running a race with a new pair of shoes for the first time can be a disaster on your feet and knees. So that’s it for today. Get off of the couch and start training for that first race today.